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poet paper for 1st to 4th issue

Image of poet paper for 1st to 4th issue


n˚f˚ is an experimental collaboration poet paper.
Photograph by young Chilean architect and words by Japanese poet mistubako. This poetgraph is completed 4 issues and limited 300 copies that publish out private small press "studio Abejas e Colmenas". We are also presenting our synchronized blog "White-Surface".
You will see more images of each issues down below links.
The first issue:.
The second issue::..
This issue is an experimental disposition in Japanese and English text. You will sure enjoy azul sky with much more Chilean feeling.
The third issue:::...
This issue is manifested my work concept strongly. A deep thoughts for the bee life and bee keeping and how they connected with Patagonic mind literary. This will be a invitation to the last issue (the 4th issue) of this series poet paper.With a beautiful local Chilean gaucho photo and an old Irish apiary drawing.
The forth issue::::....
The last issue is very tranquil with Patagonian plain images like a film. The story is based on an architect Felipe Camus. Mistubako was trying to put some music essence in the poem. She was always listening to "THE ISLE" by World Standard & Wechsel Garland while she was writing. The vertical Japanese lines and horizontal images with translation English is very beautiful visual poem.